10 Best Sushi Restaurants In Orlando, Florida

Categories: OrlandoBy Published On: March 1, 2023
best sushi in orlando
best sushi in orlando
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Indulge your senses in the exquisite world of sushi as we embark on a delightful culinary journey through Orlando, Florida, to uncover the “10 Best Sushi Restaurants in the City Beautiful.” With its vibrant food scene and diverse cultural influences, Orlando offers a plethora of dining options, but sushi stands out as one of the most beloved and sought-after cuisines.

In recent years, the https://traveltraval.com/straight-men-acting-gay/ has soared, becoming a favored choice among locals and tourists alike. Orlando’s sushi restaurants have risen to meet this demand, showcasing their mastery in crafting the finest rolls, sashimi, and nigiri that leave diners enchanted with every bite.

To curate this exclusive list, we have meticulously examined customer reviews, consulted with local food enthusiasts, and analyzed rankings from reputable platforms such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, and esteemed food blogs. Our selection process emphasizes factors like the quality and freshness of ingredients, authenticity of flavors, dining ambiance, and exceptional service.

Orlando, being a city teeming with diverse communities, offers an array of sushi restaurants, each infusing their unique twist into this traditional Japanese delicacy. Whether you prefer the simplicity of classic rolls or the bold innovation of fusion creations, Orlando’s sushi scene caters to all palates.

Join us on this gastronomic expedition as we uncover the ten sushi havens that epitomize culinary excellence in Orlando, Florida. Prepare to be amazed by the artistic presentation, exquisite flavors, and the sheer passion for sushi that defines these remarkable establishments. Let’s embark on a sushi adventure that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more!

1. Sushi Katana

Address 4192 Conroy Rd #103, Orlando, FL 32839, United States
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Are you looking for the best sushi in Orlando, FL? Look no further than Sushi Katana! This amazing spot offers a wide variety of delicious dishes that’ll satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re hungry for traditional Japanese cuisine or something more creative and unique, this restaurant has it all.

The atmosphere is inviting and cozy, making it the perfect place for an intimate dinner or night out with friends. The service staff is friendly and knowledgeable, eager to answer any questions you may have about their menu offerings. Plus, they offer takeout so you can enjoy their amazing food at home too!

Sushi Katana stands apart from other local restaurants due to its focus on quality ingredients and careful preparation techniques. Every dish they serve is crafted with love and attention to detail; each bite is sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. From classic rolls to signature creations, there’s something here for everyone. Visit today –you won’t be disappointed!

Ready to explore even more options when it comes to great sushi in Orlando? Shin Japanese Cuisine promises a truly unforgettable dining experience…

What people says:
Sushi Katana Review 1
Sushi Katana review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

No. it’s not. it’s a regular menu. its so delicious and reasonably price for good sushi. they have happy hour deals m-f 4-630.

No need for reservations. Just walk in.

2. Shin Japanese Cuisine

Address 803 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801, United States
Website http://shinsushi.com/
Contact Details +1 407-648-8000

Take a break from the ordinary and let your taste buds be transported to Japan with Shin Japanese Cuisine! Indulge in an authentic sushi experience that will leave you wishing for more. From traditional nigiri, hand rolls and sashimi to creative maki rolls topped off with unique sauces, this restaurant offers something special for everyone’s palate.

This Orlando-based sushi spot is sure to satisfy even the most discerning of foodies. Whether you’re looking for fresh fish or cooked options like tempura shrimp, there’s something here that’ll tantalize any craving. Try their signature Spider Roll – it’ll have you coming back again and again! Plus, don’t forget about their delightful teriyaki dishes served with sticky rice and vegetables – YUM!

The atmosphere at Shin Japanese Cuisine makes it easy to relax while savoring every bite. With its inviting décor and friendly staff, you’re guaranteed a warm welcome as soon as you walk through the door. So come explore the deliciousness of this local favorite; your taste buds will thank you later!

What people says:
Shin Japanese Cuisine review 1
Shin Japanese Cuisine review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

3. Kabooki Sushi

Address 3122 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803, United States
Website https://www.kabookisushi.com/east-colonial
Contact Details +1 407-228-3839

Kabooki Sushi is an Orlando-based sushi restaurant that serves up some of the tastiest and most unique dishes in Florida. Located just off International Drive, it’s a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. The atmosphere is modern yet cozy, with plenty of seating available for small or large groups.

The menu at Kabooki Sushi showcases classic Japanese favorites as well as creative twists on traditional recipes. You’ll find rolls like their crunchy tempura roll and spicy tuna roll alongside unexpected items such as shrimp tamale tacos and pork belly ramen noodles. And don’t forget to check out the selection of sashimi! The quality is top notch and you can always expect fresh ingredients here.

No matter what your taste buds are craving, Kabooki Sushi has something to satisfy everyone. From hearty entrees to light snacks, there’s a dish for every mood. Plus, they offer takeout options too if you’re looking for a quick bite while exploring Orlando’s attractions.

TIP: Don’t miss out on dessert! Their panna cotta mochi ice cream is definitely worth trying – trust us when we say it will make your evening extra special.

What people says:
Kabooki Sushi review 1
Kabooki Sushi review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, they have an entire veggie moriawase board.

This establishment closes its doors to the public according to the specific timetable on their overview tab within Google Maps.

4. Kadence

Address 1809 Winter Park Rd, Orlando, FL 32803, United States
Website http://kadenceorlando.com/

Kadence is a premier sushi restaurant located in the heart of Orlando, Florida. Boasting an atmosphere that’s both elegant and inviting, it offers diners a unique experience with every visit. The menu features a variety of traditional Japanese dishes made from fresh ingredients sourced locally and around the world – so you’re guaranteed to find something to satisfy your cravings!

From hand rolls to nigiri and sashimi platters, Kadence has something for everyone. What sets them apart is their commitment to quality: they only use the freshest fish available which means you’ll always get exquisite flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Plus, their sake selection features some of Japan’s finest labels—the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Kadence also provides an array of special events throughout the year–such as cooking classes or omakase dinners–so there’s always something exciting happening here! With its modern decor, attentive staff, and delectable cuisine, one can understand why this is considered one of Orlando’s best sushi restaurants. From start to finish, each meal at Kadence promises an unforgettable dining experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

For those looking for a more intimate setting, Bonsai Sushi awaits just steps away…

What people says:
Kadence review 3
Kadence review 4
Frequently Asked Questions:

No phone number, online reservation only!

5. Bonsai Sushi

Address 5174 Dr Phillips Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819, United States
Website https://sites.google.com/view/bonsaisushiorlando/home
Contact Details +1 407-292-0333

When it comes to sushi in Orlando, Florida, Bonsai Sushi is absolutely worth a visit. Not only does this restaurant offer classic sushi dishes but also some unique and inventive creations too. For example, the specialty sushi rolls feature an array of creative ingredients that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re looking for something out-of-the ordinary with your sushi experience, then Bonsai Sushi has got you covered. From the expertly crafted maki rolls to the stunning sashimi platters – there’s something here for everyone! And if you have dietary restrictions or allergies, don’t worry – they can accommodate special requests as well.

Whether you’re a first time diner or experienced connoisseur, Bonsai Sushi will be sure to impress and leave you wanting more. The friendly atmosphere will make you feel right at home while delighting your taste buds with every bite. Ready to explore some of the best sushi restaurants in Orlando? Let’s move on to Shakai Sushi Lounge…

What people says:
Bonsai Sushi review 1
Bonsai Sushi review 2

6. Shakai Sushi Lounge

Address 43 E Pine St, Orlando, FL 32801, United States
Website https://shakaiorlando.com/
Contact Details +1 407-423-2688

Are you looking for some of the best sushi in Orlando, Florida? Look no further than Shakai Sushi Lounge. This restaurant offers a variety of fresh and delicious dishes that will leave your taste buds wanting more!

The atmosphere at Shakai Sushi Lounge is both inviting and relaxed. You’ll feel right at home as soon as you walk through the doors. The staff are friendly and attentive, ensuring every customer has an enjoyable experience. Plus, there’s something to suit everyone—from traditional Japanese cuisine to creative fusion rolls.

Whether it’s date night or dinner with friends, Shakai Sushi Lounge has everything you need for a great meal. So why not give them a try? With their selection of delectable sushi dishes, they won’t disappoint! And who knows? It may just become your new favorite spot in town.

Ready to explore even more incredible sushi restaurants in Orlando? Let’s move on to Seito Sushi Baldwin Park – another must-try spot in the area!

What people says:
Frequently Asked Questions:

Their happy hour happening at 5 to 7.

Nope! But there’s plenty of garage parking with a block.

7. Seito Sushi Baldwin Park

Address Baldwin Park, 4898 New Broad St #32814, Orlando, FL 32814, United States
Website https://www.seitosushibp.com/
Contact Details +1 407-898-8801

Are you looking for the perfect sushi spot in Orlando, FL? Look no further than Seito Sushi Baldwin Park! This popular restaurant offers delicious and fresh sushi rolls that will tantalize your taste buds. From classic favorites like California Rolls to unique dishes such as their signature Spicy Tuna Tartar Bowls, they have something delightful for every palate.

What makes this spot so special is its attention to detail. Every dish is prepared with care using only the freshest ingredients, ensuring each bite packs a flavor punch. Plus, their friendly staff creates an inviting atmosphere that adds to the overall dining experience. Whether you’re grabbing a quick lunch or enjoying a leisurely dinner, Seito Sushi Baldwin Park is sure to leave you satisfied and wanting more.

Ready to try it out for yourself? Head on over tonight – but be sure to make a reservation ahead of time; Seito Sushi Baldwin Park fills up quickly due to its high popularity! Now let’s take a look at another great sushi option in Orlando: Tokyo Steak House & Sushi Bar…

What people says:
Seito Sushi Baldwin Park review 1
Seito Sushi Baldwin Park review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

When a restaurant is fully booked up, they will have seats that are empty. This is because they are waiting on those people who made a reservation to arrive at the time they specified. No one is judging you. This is how reservations work.

8. Tokyo Steak House & Sushi Bar

Address 6481 S Chickasaw Trail, Orlando, FL 32829, United States
Website https://www.toasttab.com/tokyo-steak-house-sushi-bar-orlando/
Contact Details +1 407-207-7950

Tokyo Steak House & Sushi Bar is a top-notch sushi restaurant in Orlando, FL. It’s located on International Drive and features both an expansive dining room and outdoor seating for al fresco dining. The menu of Japanese cuisine includes specialty rolls, classic entrees, tempura dishes, ramen noodles and much more. Tokyo Steak House also boasts fresh fish selections that are flown in from around the world to ensure optimal taste and quality.

The atmosphere at Tokyo Steak House is casual and comfortable; perfect for enjoying dinner with friends or loved ones. The waitstaff is friendly and attentive, always ready to answer any questions you may have about their extensive menu options. They offer a variety of drinks to choose from as well including beer, sake and wine selections. For those looking for something special, they even have a selection of premium cocktails crafted by experienced mixologists.

When it comes time to order your meal, don’t hesitate to ask your server for suggestions! Their knowledgeable staff will be able to help you find the perfect dish according to your tastes – whether that’s spicy tuna rolls or teriyaki steak entrées. TIP: If you’re feeling adventurous try one of the unique creative rolls like the ‘Spicy Ocean’ which features jalapeno slices inside its crunchy outer layer!

At Tokyo Steak House & Sushi Bar you can expect all your favorites done right every single time – plus some delicious surprises too!

What people says:
Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, Tuesdays and Sundays.

No it is prime meat, excellent taste and very fresh.

9. Kobe Japanese Steakhouse – Kirkman

Address 5605 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando, FL 32819, United States
Website https://kobesteakhouse.com/location/kirkman-universal/
Contact Details +1 407-248-1978

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse – Kirkman is a restaurant that features traditional Japanese cuisine. From sushi to steak, aficionados of this type of food will be delighted with the options here. If you’re looking for the best sushi in Orlando, Florida, then Kobe should top your list! Here are just some of the reasons why:

  1. The staff at Kobe are dedicated to providing an authentic experience — from the skilled chefs who prepare dishes tableside to their warm hospitality and attentive service.
  1. The menu offers a wide array of delectable dishes that feature fresh ingredients and flavorsome sauces, including classic rolls like California or Philly Roll as well as specialty items such as Unagi Donburi Bowl or Gyoza Soup.
  1. Sushi lovers can indulge in signature rolls created by master chef Toshio Shigemoto, featuring unique combinations like Dynamite Roll (spicy tuna topped with grilled eel) and Dragonfly Roll (shrimp tempura & avocado wrapped in soy paper).
  1. To complement your meal, there’s also an extensive selection of wines, sakes and cocktails available to enjoy alongside your meal.

At Kobe Japanese Steakhouse – Kirkman it’s all about enjoying great food with friends in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. And without doubt they serve up some of the tastiest sushi around! With that being said, let’s move onto another favorite spot for delicious sushi – Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi…

What people says:
Frequently Asked Questions:

No. They don’t have.

10. Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi

Address 7972 Via Dellagio Way, Orlando, FL 32819, United States
Website http://www.dragonflyrestaurants.com/orlando-florida/
Contact Details +1 407-370-3359

Are you looking for the best sushi restaurant in Orlando, Florida? Look no further than Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi. This popular destination offers an unforgettable dining experience that’ll make your taste buds dance!

The menu at Dragonfly is full of mouthwatering creations made from fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection. You can choose from traditional Japanese dishes such as tempura, teriyaki, and sashimi or explore the unique flavors of their signature rolls like the Godzilla Roll topped with spicy tuna and eel sauce. Their robata grill also features a variety of delectable grilled options including scallops, salmon, beef skewers, and more.

No matter what you order, Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi will provide a memorable meal that’s sure to satisfy your sushi cravings. Plus, they have an extensive drink list featuring both hot and cold beverages so there’s something for everyone! So whether it’s date night or just another dinner out with friends, head over to this top-notch eatery for a truly delicious experience.

What people says:
Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi review 1
Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, They allow dogs to dine with you in our covered patio.

Everything here is bony good!


And there you have it, folks! The top 10 sushi restaurants in Orlando, Florida, that will make you roll with joy! We’ve taken you on a mouthwatering adventure through the world of fresh fish, perfectly seasoned rice, and seaweed wraps that’ll make you say, “Maki me happy!”

From classic favorites to daring fusion creations, these sushi spots have proven that they’re the real “rice” guys in town. Orlando’s sushi scene is on a roll, and these restaurants are taking the lead with their tantalizing flavors and artistic presentations.

So, whether you’re a seasoned sushi connoisseur or a novice on a raw adventure, these places have you covered. They’ll “nigiri” you the best dining experience possible, making you forget about life’s daily “tempura-tions.”

Remember, when it comes to sushi, there’s no need to “sashimi-ze” your expectations because Orlando’s got the finest places to satisfy your cravings. So next time you’re in the city, “sushi” yourself to one of these culinary havens and let the soy sauce flow!

But hey, let’s keep this “uni”que sushi knowledge between us, shall we? You wouldn’t want everyone to know where you get your sushi fix and create a “roe” of hungry fans! Until next time, fellow sushi lovers, keep rolling with laughter and enjoying the best sushi Orlando has to offer!

Georgie Darling is a freelance travel writer and copywriter from London, UK who currently lives in Indonesia. Her work has been published in YAHOO!, Culture Trip, Fodor's and VICE among others. When she's not writing or exploring a new country, Georgie spends a lot of time SCUBA diving, cooking up new recipes and plotting her next adventures. She is also excited to be working on Travel Traval, sharing her travel experiences and tips with fellow wanderlusts. Keep up with Georgie at www.georgierdarling.com.

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