10 Best Restaurants in Orlando, Florida

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restaurants orlando
restaurants orlando
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Are you looking for a taste of freedom? Look no further than Orlando, Florida! With its vibrant culture and unique dining experiences, it’s the perfect place to get away from the mundane routine. Whether you’re seeking an upscale restaurant or just want some good old-fashioned comfort food, there are plenty of options in this exciting city. Here are 10 of the best restaurants in Orlando that will make your mouth water and give you a much-needed break from reality.

Do you like seafood? Head on over to Big Fin Seafood Kitchen for their amazing lobster mac n’ cheese and their unforgettable oyster po’ boy sandwich. Or if you prefer Mexican cuisine then Cocina 214 is sure to satisfy your craving with their homemade tortillas and guacamole made fresh daily. If Italian is more your style then try Casa Frida where they serve up delectable pizzas cooked in wood-burning ovens as well as classic dishes such as lasagna and spaghetti carbonara.

No matter what type of cuisine you crave, Orlando has something to offer everyone. From Japanese sushi bars to French bistros and everything else in between, these top ten restaurants won’t disappoint. So join us as we explore all that Orlando has to offer when it comes to delicious eats

1. Santiago’s Bodega | Orlando

Address 802 Virginia Dr, Orlando, FL 32803, United States
Website http://www.santiagosbodega.com/
Contact Details +1 407-412-6979

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Orlando, Florida? Look no further than Santiago’s Bodega! Enjoy a unique experience among its vibrant atmosphere and memorable flavors. With signature dishes that are truly one-of-a-kind, this is an opportunity to indulge your taste buds with something new.

The menu offers a variety of traditional Latin American cuisine as well as some exciting modern options. Whether you’re craving tacos or ceviche, there’s something for everyone here. Plus, all ingredients are fresh and locally sourced – so go ahead and treat yourself without feeling guilty about it! The restaurant also boasts an extensive wine list which includes both domestic and international labels. So if you’re looking to pair up your meal with the perfect bottle, you won’t be disappointed at Santiago’s Bodega.

So don’t wait any longer; come visit us soon to enjoy great food while taking in the sights and sounds of downtown Orlando. You’ll leave wanting more – guaranteed! From start to finish, we strive to make sure our guests have a wonderful experience they can always look back on fondly.

What people says:
Santiago's Bodega review 4
Santiago's Bodega review 4
Frequently Asked Questions:

They have a menu with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options.

2. Kres Chophouse

Address 17 W Church St, Orlando, FL 32801, United States
Website http://www.kresrestaurant.com/
Contact Details +1 407-447-7950

Kres Chophouse is a steakhouse with an elegant atmosphere. Located in the heart of downtown Orlando, this restaurant provides diners with an impressive selection of steaks and other dishes that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. The menu offers everything from prime ribeye to filet mignon, all cooked to perfection. In addition, there’s a full bar stocked with top-shelf spirits and craft beers. Plus, Kres Chophouse also offers outdoor seating so you can enjoy your meal al fresco!

One thing that makes dining at Kres Chophouse unique is its commitment to providing excellent customer service. From the moment you walk through their doors, you’re made to feel welcome by attentive staff members who want to make sure your experience is as enjoyable as possible. They go above and beyond for each guest in order to ensure that everyone leaves feeling like royalty.

If you’re looking for a special occasion restaurant or just somewhere cozy to get away from it all, Kres Chophouse should be on your list of places to visit in Orlando. With its sophisticated ambience, delicious food offerings and friendly service, it’s no wonder why this establishment has become such a popular spot among locals and tourists alike. TIP: Call ahead if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions – they’ll do their best to accommodate them!

What people says:
Kres Chophouse review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes There is, but limited.

3. Jinya Ramen Bar – Orlando

Address 8 N Summerlin Ave, Orlando, FL 32801, United States
Website https://jinyaramenbar.com/
Contact Details +1 407-704-1825

Are you looking for a unique dining experience in Orlando, Florida? Look no further than Jinya Ramen Bar! With its delicious ramen-based dishes crafted with fresh ingredients and flavorful broth, this restaurant is sure to please. Not only that, but their extensive menu has something for everyone – from beefy bowls of noodles to vegan options.

Jinya Ramen Bar offers an atmosphere like none other. The decor is modern yet inviting; the staff are friendly and accommodating; and the food is simply delectable. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner date or a quick bite before heading out on the town, Jinya’s got you covered. Plus, they offer takeout so you can enjoy your favorite ramen dish at home!

Treat yourself to a night out at Jinya Ramen Bar – it’ll be worth your while! From the excellent service and ambiance to the mouthwatering dishes, there’s something for everyone here. So come by today and see why this hot spot has become one of Orlando’s top restaurants! And don’t forget to explore their selection of sake and beer pairings, which perfectly complement any meal. Transitioning into another great option: The Strand..

What people says:
JINYA Ramen Bar review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

There is a parking garage in the same building also.

4. The Strand

Address 807 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803, United States
Website https://www.strandorlando.com/
Contact Details +1 407-920-7744

The Strand offers Orlando locals and tourists alike an experience that is truly special. Its menu focuses on modern American cuisine made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients – making it a popular choice for those seeking something unique and delicious. The restaurant also boasts an impressive wine list featuring some of the finest vintages from around the world. Plus, its upscale yet relaxed atmosphere makes it perfect for any occasion – whether you’re looking to enjoy a romantic dinner or just catch up with friends over drinks.

But what sets The Strand apart from other restaurants in the area is its commitment to providing top-notch service. The knowledgeable staff are always happy to answer questions about dishes or suggest pairings for wines and food, so everyone can make sure they get the most out of their meal. And if there’s one thing this place knows how to do, it’s deliver an unforgettable dining experience!

If you’re looking for a night out that will be remembered for years to come, look no further than The Strand. It’s sophisticated but not pretentious; casual yet chic; intimate without feeling stuffy – all at once creating a wonderful ambiance that cannot be replicated elsewhere. TIP: Make your visit extra memorable by asking your server which dish has been voted as the best seller over the last year!

What people says:
Frequently Asked Questions:

They have several gluten free options on our current dinner menu– the salmon, snapper, and duck are all gluten free (duck can be made without bread crumb on the cassoulet), appetizers like the butternut squash and burrata, as well as oysters rockerfeller are also gluten free option.

5. Rusteak Thornton Park

Address 101 S Eola Dr Suite 103, Orlando, FL 32801, United States
Website https://www.rusteakthorntonpark.com/
Contact Details +1 407-601-5219

When it comes to finding the best restaurants in Orlando, Florida, Rusteak Thornton Park is a must-visit. The restaurant offers mouthwatering dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your appetite for great food. It’s also conveniently located close to downtown so you can easily get there from anywhere in town.

The rustic charm of Rusteak Thornton Park will transport you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Enjoy delicious meals prepared with fresh ingredients in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful views of Lake Eola. From classic American fare and comfort food favorites to creative twists on international cuisine, this eatery has something for everyone – all within an inviting setting that makes it easy to unwind and savor every bite!

After dinner, take advantage of the bar’s extensive selection of craft beers or spirits while catching up with friends over a game of pool or darts in their lively lounge area. With its perfect combination of excellent food and fun atmospherics, Rusteak Thornton Park is one spot you’ll want to keep coming back to again and again. And with no reservations required, it’s never been easier to experience the best dining in Orlando firsthand! Ready for more? Step into Domu next!

What people says:
RusTeak Thornton Park review 1
Frequently Asked Questions:

They don’t offer parking but there is a parking garage right next to the restaurant that is self pay you can use discount code ginger and It’ll give you half off parking price

For dinner, reservations are a must. Not necessary for lunch.

6. Domu

Address East End Market, 3201 Corrine Dr Suite 100, Orlando, FL 32803, United States
Website https://www.domufl.com/
Contact Details +1 407-960-1228

Domu is an experience that Orlando locals can’t get enough of. From the Japanese-style street food to the craft beer and sake selection, Domu brings a unique take on traditional Asian cuisine. The atmosphere alone sets it apart from other restaurants in town; with minimalist decor and neon lighting accents, you’ll feel like you’re dining in Tokyo!

Plus, their menu offers up some creative twists on classic dishes. You might find yourself enjoying a vegan ramen bowl or sushi burrito – something totally unexpected yet still utterly delicious. Their signature item? Fried chicken bao buns – these little pockets of fried goodness are definitely worth trying out!

The service at Domu is top notch too; attentive staff who will make sure your meal runs smoothly without any hiccups. And if you’re looking for a nightcap after dinner, why not grab one of their specialty cocktails? Whether you come here to dine or just hang out at the bar, there’s something special about this place that makes it stand out from all the rest. So don’t miss out on what could be your new favorite spot in town – head over to Domu today! Transitioning seamlessly into the next section: Yard House…

What people says:
DOMU Review 1
Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, they have outdoor seating.

Only in their Waterford location.

7. Yard House

Address 8367 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, United States
Website https://www.yardhouse.com/
Contact Details +1 407-351-8220

Yard House is a great option for anyone looking to find the best restaurants in Orlando, Florida. This restaurant offers an extensive menu full of irresistible items that will leave you wanting more. With everything from classic American fare such as burgers and wings to specialty dishes like their signature Aloha Chicken Sandwich, Yard House has something for everyone!

The atmosphere at Yard House is just as impressive as the food. The restaurant features a contemporary design with industrial elements like exposed brick walls and an open kitchen concept. Plus, they have an incredible selection of craft beers on tap too!

What’s even better is that Yard House also offers outdoor seating so you can enjoy your meal al fresco-style while taking in all the sights and sounds of Downtown Orlando. TIP: For those who appreciate music, the bar area often hosts live performances which adds to its vibrant energy. Enjoy some delicious eats and local entertainment when visiting this popular spot!

What people says:
Yard House Review 1
Frequently Asked Questions:

No, it is not Buffet style. It is a Menu ordered facility with Waiters and waitresses.

8. Aashirwad Indian Food & Bar

Address 7000 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando, FL 32819, United States
Website http://www.aashirwadrestaurant.com/
Contact Details +1 407-370-9830

If you’re looking for one of the best restaurants in Orlando, Florida to satisfy your craving for a delicious and unique culinary experience, then Aashirwad Indian Food & Bar is the perfect place. Featuring an extensive menu full of classic Indian dishes cooked with fresh ingredients and traditional spices, this restaurant has something to offer everyone who visits.

What sets Aashirwad apart from other dining establishments around town is their commitment to providing patrons with the highest level of service possible. From the attentive waitstaff to the vibrant atmosphere, it’s no surprise that people keep coming back again and again. Plus, they also have a great selection of drinks – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic – so you can enjoy your meal even more!

Whether you’re planning a special night out or just wanting to try something new, Aashirwad should be at the top of your list. With its fantastic cuisine and friendly staff, it’s sure to provide an unforgettable evening. Now let’s take a look at Kadence…

What people says:
Aashirwad Indian Food & Bar review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

Buffet Lunch : FRIDAY – SATURDAY – SUNDAY –served Friday from 11:30am to 2:30pm – Saturday and Sunday from 12:00pm to 3:00pm $15.95.

That would depend on your spicy level and which dishes you choose to get from the buffet. They range on spicy levels. If it’s too spicy, add some of the raita and it should cool it down.

9. Kadence

Address 1809 Winter Park Rd, Orlando, FL 32803, United States
Website http://kadenceorlando.com/

Kadence is an Orlando-based restaurant that has been serving up delicious, mouthwatering cuisine for over five years. It’s the perfect spot for a casual dinner out with friends or to celebrate a special occasion – and you won’t be disappointed! The menu features classic Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta, and risotto along with unique contemporary creations inspired by global flavors. Whether it’s seafood, steak, poultry, or vegetarian options; Kadence offers something for everyone.

The atmosphere at Kadence is warm and inviting – from the brick walls adorned with artfully crafted murals to the cozy leather seating illuminated in soft lighting. And of course, no meal would be complete without one of their signature cocktails. Choose from old-world favorites like Negronis and Manhattans or try something new like their house-made martinis made with fresh ingredients.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable dining experience in Orlando then look no further than Kadence – a place where excellent food meets welcoming hospitality. Their commitment to excellence combined with their attention to detail will ensure your visit leaves you feeling satisfied every time. So why not treat yourself next time you find yourself in Florida? You deserve it! With this seamless transition into Border Grill Fresh Mex, you know your taste buds are sure to have another fantastic adventure.

What people says:
Kadence review 1
Kadence review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

The matinee is a little less content and time, but still enjoyable.

10. Border Grill Fresh-Mex

Address 5695-A Vineland Rd, Orlando, FL 32819, United States
Website https://mhme.nu/lp/bgfm
Contact Details +1 407-352-0101

Are you looking for an amazing place to eat in Orlando, Florida? Border Grill Fresh-Mex is the perfect spot! This Mexican restaurant has a vibrant atmosphere and delicious food that’ll make your taste buds tingle. Let’s dive into what makes this place so special.

First off, the cuisine here is top notch. The flavors of each dish are big and bold with just the right balance between heat and spice. Every bite will leave you wanting more! Plus, they offer vegetarian options as well, providing something for everyone at your table.

The staff also plays a major role in making sure every visit to this eatery is enjoyable. They’re friendly and helpful without being intrusive – allowing diners to feel comfortable while still feeling valued as customers. Plus, their menu changes frequently, giving locals lots of reasons to come back again and try something new.

Border Grill Fresh-Mex offers guests an unforgettable dining experience when visiting Orlando. Whether it’s a casual lunch or dinner out with friends, this restaurant won’t disappoint!

What people says:
Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes they do, on the menu it says gf on foods that are gluten free.

Yes very family friendly, such a small place but food is just like my mothers from Mexico city, at least the milanesa is.


In conclusion, Orlando, Florida is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. Whether you’re looking for a romantic atmosphere or just a casual night out with friends, there’s something to suit any taste and budget. Most of the restaurants offer reasonably priced meals and many have vegan and vegetarian options available as well. While outdoor seating may not be an option at all of them, it’s certainly worth checking if that’s what you’re after. Lastly, discounts and promotions can also help stretch your dollar even further when dining out in Orlando. With so much variety on offer, it’s easy to find the perfect restaurant for any occasion—just make sure to do your research beforehand!

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