10 Best Latin Clubs In Orlando, Florida

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latin clubs orlando
latin clubs orlando
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Orlando, Florida is one of the most vibrant cities in America and it has become a hub for Latin music lovers. The city’s nightlife scene has something to offer everyone, with plenty of bars and clubs catering to different musical genres. For those who love Latin music, Orlando offers some of the best places to dance until dawn. Here are 10 of the best Latin clubs in Orlando that will make you want to move your feet all night long!

The first on our list is Sol Sabor Latino Club. This club is located in downtown Orlando and features traditional and modern salsa music, as well as other Latin rhythms such as bachata, merengue, reggaeton, cumbia and more. If you’re looking for an authentic Latin experience then this is definitely the place for you! You can expect live DJs spinning tunes that will get your blood pumping and have you dancing all night long.

Our next stop takes us to Las Palmas Nightclub. This club is known for its lively atmosphere filled with great music and fun people from all over the world. From EDM to tropical house mixes, there’s something for every fan of Latin beats here. There’s also a variety of special events hosted throughout the week so be sure to check their calendar if you’re planning a visit soon!

1. Mango’s Tropical Cafe-Orlando

Address 8126 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, United States
Website https://mangos.com/mangos-orlando/
Contact Details +1 407-673-4422

Are you looking for the best Latin clubs in Orlando, FL? Look no further than Mango’s Tropical Cafe-Orlando! This iconic venue is one of the city’s most popular nightlife hotspots. It offers a unique blend of amazing music and entertainment that’ll make you want to dance all night long.

The club features an exciting variety of live music performances from some of the hottest Latin artists around. Plus, there are always plenty of great drinks on offer. Whether it be classic cocktails or specialty tequilas, you’re sure to find something delicious to enjoy while vibing out to the beats.

And if dancing isn’t your thing – don’t worry! The cafe also has a cozy lounge area where you can relax with friends or grab a bite to eat. From tacos and empanadas to traditional Cuban sandwiches, they’ve got something for everyone at Mango’s Tropical Cafe-Orlando. So come check it out and experience their vibrant atmosphere firsthand!

Ready for even more fun? Step into Eve Orlando next door – another highly recommended destination for Latin music lovers in town.

What people says:
Mango's Tropical Cafe review 1
Mango's Tropical Cafe review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

Children are permitted inside for the Show from 7pm-10pm as long as they are accompanied by their parent(s). Please note: The Live Show was created and intended to appease an adult audience and some content may not be suitable for children under the age of 18 years old.

2. Eve Orlando

Address 110 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801, United States
Website http://www.eveorlando.com/
Contact Details +1 407-602-7462

Are you looking for the best Latin clubs in Orlando, Florida? Then Eve Orlando is a must-visit! Whether you’re ready to dance all night or want something more low key and intimate, this club has it all.

Eve offers an incredible atmosphere that’s perfect for any occasion. From their vibrant decorations and lighting to their talented DJs, they create an amazing experience every time. Plus, there are plenty of delicious drinks and food options available to help make your evening even better. You’ll be able to easily find whatever type of music strikes your fancy—from salsa and reggaeton to merengue and bachata.

If you decide to check out Eve Orlando, come dressed to impress as they have a strict dress code policy. And don’t forget: dancing shoes are essential! So grab some friends and get ready for a fun night of Latin beats at this one-of-a-kind venue. With its great energy and upbeat vibe, it’s no wonder why so many people rave about Eve Orlando.

Ready for another exciting Latin adventure? Gozamba Restaurant & Lounge Orlando awaits…

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EVE Orlando review 1
EVE Orlando review 2

3. Gozamba Restaurant & Lounge Orlando

Address 8100 Crystal Clear Ln, Orlando, FL 32809, United States
Website https://gozambaorlando.com/
Contact Details +1 407-601-7753

Gozamba Restaurant & Lounge Orlando is the perfect spot for Latin music lovers in search of a great night out. With its vibrant atmosphere, delicious food and drinks, and live entertainment, Gozamba offers an unforgettable experience that will have you dancing all night long! Here are some reasons why this popular club should be at the top of your list:

  • Delicious Cuisine: Enjoy delectable dishes from across South America, such as ceviche, empanadas, Venezuelan Arepas and more. Plus, there’s even a special menu designed just for those looking to stay up late into the night.
  • Fun Atmosphere: A huge dance floor awaits guests who want to show off their moves while listening to the latest Latin hits spun by professional DJs. The restaurant also provides multiple bars with premium cocktails and craft beers on tap.
  • Live Entertainment: From salsa bands to traditional mariachi groups and everything in between, Gozamba has something for everyone when it comes to live performances. There’s always plenty of energy here so get ready to party!
  • Special Events: Every weekend brings something new – ranging from themed nights to exciting contests with big prizes. So don’t miss out on any of these fun activities!

Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner or a wild night filled with dancing, Gozamba Restaurant & Lounge Orlando can provide both experiences under one roof. It’s no wonder why this Miami-style club is quickly becoming one of Orlando’s hottest spots – come find out what makes it so special today! Moving on from Gozamba Restaurant & Lounge Orlando, let’s take a look at Gilt Concert Venue…

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Gozamba Restaurant & Lounge Orlando review 2

4. Gilt Concert Venue

Address 740 Bennett Rd, Orlando, FL 32803, United States
Website https://giltconcertvenue.com/
Contact Details +1 407-504-7699

Gilt Concert Venue is an unforgettable experience for any Latin music fan. From classic salsa to hot merengue and bachata, this venue features the best of what Orlando’s nightlife has to offer. Its unique atmosphere provides a perfect platform for anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind evening out in the city. Here are just some of the reasons why you should check out Gilt Concert Venue:

1) An amazing selection of music – The sound system at Gilt Concert Venue is state-of-the-art, so every song played on their stage will be crystal clear and electrifying. Additionally, they feature live bands that add an extra level of energy to create a truly memorable musical experience.

2) Fantastic drinks menu – Whether you prefer wine or beer, cocktails or shots, there’s something here for everyone! Their bar staff knows how to mix up all kinds of delicious beverages – from classics like Margaritas and Mojitos to unique creations made with local ingredients.

3) A great crowd – You’ll find people from all walks of life dancing and enjoying themselves at Gilt Concert Venue. It’s not uncommon to run into someone from your hometown or even make new friends during the course of the night! Plus, it’s always safe and secure, with friendly security guards keeping watch over everything inside the venue.

Gilt Concert Venue offers a captivating combination of high quality entertainment, delicious drinks and good vibes – making it one of the top spots in Orlando for authentic Latin music lovers alike. With its vibrant atmosphere and stellar lineup of talent, Gilt promises an unforgettable journey through Latin sounds each time you visit!

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GILT Concert Venue review 1
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Depends on the night.

Depends on the night. Generally, Guys no Shorts, Hats or Sports Attire.

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5. Scorpion Nightclub

Address 630 Emeralda Rd, Orlando, FL 32808, United States
Contact Details +1 407-284-2909

Scorpion nightclub is a popular destination for Latin music and dance lovers in Orlando, Florida. It features various DJs playing the latest hits from genres like reggaeton and salsa to keep guests entertained. If you’re looking to get your groove on, here’s why Scorpion should be at the top of your list:

– An unbeatable atmosphere – The energy inside Scorpion will make it hard not to move! With its vibrant decor and impressive sound system, this place sets itself apart as one of the best nightspots in town.

– Experienced staff – From friendly bartenders to professional security guards, the staff at Scorpion are professionally trained to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience. You can feel safe knowing that you’ll have an amazing time without any worries.

– A wide selection of drinks – Whether you prefer beer or cocktails, there’s something for everyone at Scorpion. They offer a variety of alcoholic beverages including craft beers, wines, spirits and more so you can find just what you need to have a good time. Plus, their prices are affordable too!

– Live performances – In addition to great music all night long, Scorpion also hosts live performances by some of the hottest local acts around. This makes it even more fun if you want to take in some culture while dancing with friends.

If all these reasons aren’t enough to convince you that Scorpion is worth checking out then nothing will! Next stop? We head over to The Beacham – where else could we go?

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Scorpion Nightclub review

6. The Beacham

Address 46 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801, United States
Website https://www.beachamorlando.com/
Contact Details +1 407-648-8363

Are you looking for the best Latin clubs in Orlando, FL? Look no further than The Beacham. This club is an experience like no other and it’s worth checking out if you’re a fan of Latin music and dancing. With its unique atmosphere, all-inclusive perks, and top-notch talent lineup, there’s something here to entertain everyone.

The Beacham has been around since 1994 and offers up a truly incredible nightlife experience. From salsa nights to reggaeton Thursdays, you’ll find plenty of options to get your groove on. Plus, their VIP packages offer exclusive access to private areas with full bars so that you can enjoy your night without having to worry about buying drinks all night long. And don’t forget about their amazing live performances – they always bring in some of the hottest acts from across Latin America!

When you come here, you’ll also love their friendly staff who make sure that everyone feels welcome and safe as they dance the night away. Whether it’s your first time at The Beacham or you’ve been before, this is definitely one spot not to be missed when visiting Orlando! With its unbeatable combination of great music and entertainment, plus delicious food and drinks available throughout the evening, what more could anyone ask for?

What people says:
The Beacham review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

Sunday’s $15 to get in $20 to skip the line all you can drink Barrio Sunday’s, Spanish music all night .

Dress nice but not really.

7. Simon Parrilla Bar And Grill

Address 1187 Florida Mall Ave, Orlando, FL 32809, United States
Website https://simonparrillaorlando.com/
Contact Details +1 407-203-2982

If you’re looking for a Latin club experience in Orlando, Florida, then the Simon Parrilla Bar and Grill is your place! This spot has everything that makes for an unforgettable night out – from delicious Latin-inspired cuisine to some of the best DJs around. And with its vibrant atmosphere and upbeat vibe, it’s sure to be a hit on any night of the week.

At Simon Parrilla, they make sure to bring their guests only the very best. Their DJs are always spinning top hits while setting the mood just right; making it easy to get up and dance or sit back and enjoy drinks at one of their many tables. When it comes time to refuel after all that dancing, there’s no need to look anywhere else as they’ve got plenty of tasty dishes like empanadas and tacos prepared fresh daily by experienced chefs.

So if you’re looking for a great time with amazing music and even better food, head over to Simon Parrilla Bar & Grill. You won’t regret it! From start to finish, this will be an evening you’ll never forget – so don’t miss out! Transitioning into something new now… Fuego Night Club offers another exciting Latin club experience in Orlando.

What people says:
Simon Parrilla Bar and Grill review 1
Simon Parrilla Bar and Grill review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

They raise birthdays on saturdays a drink for the birthday boy and his petsonalized ttortica.

8. Fuego Night Club

Address 11370 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL 32837, United States
Contact Details +1 407-930-5070

Ready for a night of Latin music and fun? Then you need to check out Fuego Night Club! Located in Orlando, Florida, this stylish club features an awesome mix of popular Latin hits that will get your feet moving. With great drink specials every week, there’s no better place to show off your moves.

The atmosphere at Fuego is electric – lights flashing as the crowd dances away to the latest tunes. And if you’re looking for some extra excitement, they also have special events like live DJs and performances throughout the year. You’ll never be bored here!

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to party hard at Fuego Night Club – it’s sure to be an unforgettable night out. Now that you know where to go for the best Latin music experience in town, let’s move on to Room 22…

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Fuego Night Club review 1
Fuego Night Club review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

No , sneakers, casual dress.

18 and up with ID. 18 and 20 will be marked with an X on both hands. They are not allowed to drink.

9. Room 22

Address 114 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801, United States
Website https://room22orlando.com/
Contact Details +1 877-357-7770

Ready to experience a night of Latin-inspired music and dancing? Look no further than Room 22! This popular club has become known for its lively atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for anyone looking to let loose. With vibrant lights and pumping beats, you’ll feel like your worries have melted away as soon as you enter this unique venue.

Whether you’re in the mood for salsa or merengue, there’s something on offer here that will get your feet moving. There’s even a dance floor dedicated solely to bachata so you can show off your moves without worry. If all else fails, just grab one of their signature cocktails while taking in the energy from the live DJ sets – they guarantee an unforgettable night out!

The staff at Room 22 are passionate about creating an atmosphere where everyone can have fun regardless of their background. No matter if you’re a beginner or expert dancer, they make sure that every guest feels welcome and comfortable joining in on the festivities. So come join them and experience Orlando’s premier Latin nightclub firsthand! As we transition into talking about La Carambola Night Club…

What people says:
Room 22 review 1
Room 22 review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

No shorts or tank tops.

10. La Carambola Night Club

Address 3012 N Goldenrod Rd, Winter Park, FL 32792, United States
Contact Details +1 407-671-3365

Are you ready to experience the best Latin clubs in Orlando, Florida? Then look no further than La Carambola Night Club! This vibrant venue has been electrifying audiences since it opened its doors and is one of the most popular choices for a night out on the town.

The world-class atmosphere at La Carambola is undeniable; their DJs spin an eclectic mix of music that ranges from classic salsa hits to modern reggaeton favorites. In addition, they have top-notch bartenders who can craft specialty drinks just for you. If dancing isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of comfortable seating available throughout the club, so take your time relaxing with friends or someone special.

So if you’re looking for an unforgettable night out in Orlando, head over to La Carambola and let yourself get lost in the sounds of Latin music and culture. With a dance floor that never stops moving and a bar full of delicious cocktails, this is sure to be an evening to remember!

What people says:
La Carambola Night Club review 1
Frequently Asked Questions:

Depends on the day. Saturdays a little more elegant, but the rest of the week casual and there are those who arrive “Sport”.

Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Cumbia.


The nightlife in Orlando, Florida can offer a variety of Latin clubs to suit every taste. From salsa and reggaeton to merengue and mariachi music, each club has its own unique atmosphere that guests can enjoy. With so many choices available, it is important for people looking to visit these venues to be aware of the dress code, age requirements, type of music played, prices for drinks and food as well as any special events planned before they make their final decision.

No matter what your preference is when it comes to Latin clubs in Orlando, you are sure to find something that suits your needs and wants. Whether you’re looking for a place where you can dance the night away or just want to relax with friends over some drinks – there’s an option out there for everyone! So get ready to experience the vibrant energy of Latin culture with these 10 best latin clubs in Orlando, Florida!

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