10 Best Italian Restaurants In Orlando, Florida

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italian restaurants orlando
italian restaurants orlando
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Orlando, Florida is a city full of adventure and excitement. With one of the most unique atmospheres in the country, it’s no wonder that Orlando has become a hot spot for Italian restaurants. From traditional homestyle cooking to upscale fine dining experiences, there’s something for everyone in Orlando. So if you’re looking for an authentic Italian experience without having to leave town, here are 10 of the best Italian restaurants in Orlando!

The first stop on our list of delicious Italian eateries is La Tavola Trattoria. Located downtown near Lake Eola Park, this family-owned restaurant serves up traditional homemade Italian recipes straight from their home region in Italy. Whether you’re looking for classic pastas or pizzas with innovative topping combinations, La Tavola Trattoria will have something that satisfies your craving. Plus, they offer outdoor seating so you can enjoy some fresh air while indulging in some delectable dishes.

Next up is Prato Restaurant & Bar located right off I-4 at Maitland Center Parkway. This trendy establishment offers creative takes on familiar favorites as well as modern spins on classic flavors and techniques. Here you’ll find everything from handmade pasta dishes to wood fired pizzas to Mediterranean inspired seafood entrees – all prepared using only the freshest ingredients available. And don’t forget about their extensive wine list featuring many hand picked selections from around Italy!

1. Tornatore’s Restaurant

Address 3818 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804, United States
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Tornatore’s Restaurant is the perfect place for a truly authentic Italian experience. Located in Orlando, Florida, this family-run restaurant offers delicious pasta dishes and traditional Italian favorites that will make your mouth water with each savory bite. Plus, their attentive staff ensures every patron receives outstanding service with a smile.

At Tornatore’s you can expect to find plenty of classic options like lasagna, ravioli, eggplant parmigiana, veal piccata and more. Each dish utilizes fresh ingredients from local farms to provide an unparalleled flavor you won’t soon forget. The menu also includes rotating seasonal items so there are always new flavors to explore.

For those looking for a unique culinary adventure, Tornatore’s is sure to exceed expectations. Whether it’s date night or a special occasion meal out with friends, this cozy Italian eatery serves up meals that satisfy both the palate and soul. With its warm atmosphere and exceptional cuisine, it’s no wonder why Tornatore’s stands as one of Orlando’s best Italian restaurants. Now onto Adriatico Trattoria Italiana…

What people says:
Tornatore's Restaurant review 1
Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, give them your suggestions for preparing your food, as everything is home made .Enjoy

2. Adriatico Trattoria Italiana

Address 2417 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804, United States
Website https://adriatico-trattoria.com/
Contact Details +1 407-428-0044

Are you looking for the best Italian restaurants in Orlando, Florida? Then look no further than Adriatico Trattoria Italiana! This beloved restaurant combines delicious cuisine with a warm atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.

The menu includes traditional dishes like lasagna and ravioli as well as modern creations such as wild mushroom risotto and eggplant parmesan. The chefs take great pride in using only fresh ingredients to create flavorful, classic recipes. Whether it’s a romantic dinner or an intimate family gathering, Adriatico Trattoria Italiana is sure to please every palate.

If you’re looking for an authentic Italian dining experience in Orlando, then Adriatico Trattoria Italiana is your destination. From the moment you step into this charming trattoria, you’ll be surrounded by mouth watering aromas and friendly service – all while experiencing true southern hospitality. So don’t wait any longer; come visit us today to get a taste of Italy without leaving the city! And when you do, be sure to try our signature dish: freshly made carbonara pasta with homemade sauce.

Your search for the perfect Italian meal ends here – the next stop on your culinary journey is Bice Ristorante Orlando!

What people says:
Adriatico Trattoria Italiana review 1
Frequently Asked Questions:

No we do not have gluten free pasta.

No they don’t. All but two of their pastas are made in house but contain egg. Our red sauces contain some butter.

3. Bice Ristorante Orlando

Address 5601 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819, United States
Website https://www.bice-orlando.com/
Contact Details +1 407-503-1415

When it comes to Italian cuisine, one of the most beloved destinations in Orlando is Bice Ristorante. Known for its authentic flavors and romantic atmosphere, this restaurant has been a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Their menu features traditional Italian favorites while also incorporating modern twists on classic dishes — something sure to please any palate.

The cozy setting makes it the perfect place for date night or an intimate gathering with friends. The staff at Bice are renowned for their hospitality; they make everyone feel right at home from the moment you step through the door. Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable meal or just want to enjoy some delicious drinks, there’s no better spot for an evening out than Bice Ristorante.

From succulent seafood dishes to rich pastas and pizzas made from scratch daily, dining here will be a truly special experience that won’t soon be forgotten. So if you’re searching for top-notch Italian fare in Orlando, look no further than Bice Ristorante — your taste buds will thank you later!

But why stop there? Just around the corner awaits another gem: Oreganatta…

What people says:
BiCE Ristorante Orlando review 1
Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. Several all over the property. Vey handicap accessible.

4. Oreganatta

Address 6320 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, United States
Contact Details +1 407-985-4312

Are you in the mood for some Italian food? Look no further than Oreganatta! Located on International Drive, this restaurant offers a delicious variety of classic Italian dishes. It’s the perfect spot to grab dinner with friends or have a romantic night out.

The atmosphere at Oreganatta is warm and inviting. With its cozy seating area and dim lighting, it’s easy to forget that you’re still in Orlando. The staff is also friendly and attentive, so you can expect great service every time you visit. Plus, they offer wine pairings to go along with your meal – perfect for date nights or special occasions.

If you’re looking for an authentic Italian experience without leaving Florida, then head over to Oreganatta! You’ll be sure to find something delicious here that’ll make your taste buds sing. And with their great customer service, you won’t regret choosing them as your next dining destination. Next up: Vito’s Chop House!

What people says:
Oreganatta review 1
Oreganatta review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

They can serve as early as 7:00 pm.

They close at 12:00.

5. Vito’S Chop House

Address 8633 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, United States
Website https://www.vitoschophouse.com/
Contact Details +1 407-354-2467

Are you looking for the perfect place to enjoy an Italian feast? Look no further than Vito’s Chop House! This restaurant offers a unique dining experience that will tantalize all your senses.

Experience a taste of Italy right in Orlando, Florida with dishes like lasagna and chicken parmesan made from fresh ingredients and served with homemade sauces. The menu is filled with classic Italian fare as well as modern interpretations of traditional recipes. And if you’re in the mood for something truly special, don’t miss out on their signature stuffed artichoke appetizer – it’s simply divine!

At Vito’s Chop House, they take pride in their food and service. From the warm welcome at the door to the attentive waitstaff, every detail matters here. Plus, the prices are reasonable so everyone can have a great time without breaking the bank. Time to get ready for an unforgettable evening – let’s go!

What people says:
Frequently Asked Questions:

No dress code but most are dressed business casual.

A complimentary valet is available.

6. Peperoncino

Address 7988 Via Dellagio Way #108, Orlando, FL 32819, United States
Contact Details +1 407-440-2856

Peperoncino is an Italian restaurant located in Orlando, Florida that offers unique and delicious dishes. It’s the perfect spot for anyone looking to experience authentic Italian cuisine with a modern twist. From pasta to pizzas, Peperoncino has something for everyone! Here are four reasons why you should visit:

First, their menu boasts traditional Italian favorites as well as creative new items crafted by experienced chefs. You can choose from classic spaghetti carbonara or try something new like wild mushroom lasagna featuring locally sourced mushrooms. No matter what your craving, there’s something at Peperoncino that will tantalize your taste buds.

Second, the atmosphere is cozy yet sophisticated making it great for date nights or family dinners. The staff is friendly and attentive creating a relaxed and inviting setting where you can feel right at home while enjoying some of the best Italian food around. Plus, they offer outdoor seating so you can dine al fresco during those beautiful days in Central Florida.

Third, whether you prefer beer or wine, they have plenty of options on hand to pair perfectly with any dish on their menu. With many local brews available as well as imported bottles of red and white wines from Italy, you’ll find just what you need to enjoy your meal even more.

Finally, Peperoncino also serves brunch every Saturday & Sunday morning complete with bottomless mimosas and bloody marys – giving locals another reason to come back time after time! Whether it’s lunch or dinner, happy hour drinks or brunch on the weekends; this place has everything needed for an outstanding dining experience. Transitioning seamlessly into Mia’s Italian Kitchen – Orlando…

What people says:
Peperoncino review 1
Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes they have a bar and great food!

Yes, They have couple risottos on the menu and they can also make any risotto you like as long as we have the ingredients !

7. Mia’s Italian Kitchen – Orlando

Address 8717 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, United States
Website https://www.miasitalian.com/
Contact Details +1 407-601-7130

Mia’s Italian Kitchen in Orlando is the perfect place to satisfy your craving for classic Italian cuisine. This cozy eatery has been a local favorite since it opened its doors many years ago and continues to be one of the best-rated restaurants in town. Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner or just want to grab a quick bite, Mia’s offers something that everyone can enjoy. Here are some reasons why this spot should be on your list:

  • Freshly prepared meals – Every dish here is made with fresh ingredients sourced from locally owned farms and businesses. The chefs use traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations so you know you’ll get authentic flavors every time.
  • Authentic atmosphere – From the rustic décor to the warm hospitality, dining at Mia’s feels like stepping into an Italian trattoria. There’s even live music playing throughout the week!
  • Great drinks menu – They offer a wide selection of wine, beer, cocktails, and specialty coffee drinks that pair perfectly with any meal. Plus, they have weekly drink specials to take advantage of too!
  • Variety of options – If you’re not sure what to order, their extensive menu has something for everyone – from vegan dishes to hearty entrees. You won’t leave disappointed!

Whether you’re planning a date night or just want a delicious lunch break, Mia’s Italian Kitchen provides all the right elements for an enjoyable experience. With quality food and friendly service, this restaurant will quickly become your go-to spot when visiting Orlando. So come check out why locals love this gem and try it yourself today; you won’t regret it! Now onto Il Pescatore…

What people says:
Mia's Italian Kitchen review 1
Mia's Italian Kitchen review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes they have gluten free options on the menu which they mark as ‘GF’.

8. IL Pescatore

Address 651 Primrose Dr, Orlando, FL 32803, United States
Website https://ilpescatoreonline.com/
Contact Details +1 407-896-6763

If you’re looking for a taste of authentic Italian cuisine in the heart of Orlando, then Il Pescatore is an ideal choice. This family-run establishment has been serving up delicious dishes since 2001 – offering guests an intimate and romantic atmosphere to enjoy their meal. With its impeccable service, fresh ingredients, and generous portions, it’s no wonder why this restaurant has become one of the top go-to spots for Italian food in the city!

From antipasti to desserts, there’s something on the menu at Il Pescatore that will satisfy any craving. Whether you’re looking for traditional classics such as lasagna or eggplant parmigiana, or something more unique like their signature Turci pasta dish with shrimp and mussels, your taste buds will be delighted. The chefs make sure each recipe is prepared with care so you can rest assured knowing that every bite is packed full of flavor.

It’s clear that Il Pescatore takes great pride in providing customers with quality Italian cuisine. From start to finish they ensure everyone leaves happy and satisfied – making them an excellent option when searching for the best Italian restaurants in Orlando. If you’re ready to experience fine dining without breaking the bank, then head over to Il Pescatore today – your taste buds won’t regret it! Onwards now towards exploring their signature Turci pasta dish..

What people says:
IL Pescatore review 1
Frequently Asked Questions:

9. Turci Pasta

Address 2120 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804, United States
Website https://www.turcipasta.com/
Contact Details +1 407-985-2577

One of the best Italian eateries in Orlando, Florida is Turci Pasta. If you’re looking for a modern spin on traditional Italian food, this is the place to go! The atmosphere is warm and inviting, while maintaining an upscale feel. From homemade pastas to delicious sauces, each dish at Turci Pasta offers something special that will tantalize your taste buds.

The menu features classic entrees such as lasagna, risotto, and spaghetti with meatballs. There’s also an extensive selection of seafood dishes like fish fillets with garlic sauce or shrimp scampi served over linguine. Whatever your preference may be- whether it’s vegetarian options or hearty red meats- there’s something here for everyone. All ingredients are fresh and locally sourced from local farms whenever possible.

In addition to the scrumptious meals offered at Turci Pasta, they also serve specialty cocktails and wines from around the world. A perfect way to end your meal would be their signature tiramisu dessert made with mascarpone cheese and espresso syrup. Whether you come for lunch or dinner, you’ll leave feeling satisfied after eating here. And now let’s move onto Armando’s – Lake Nona…

What people says:
Turci Pasta review 1

10. Armando’S – Lake Nona

Address 10775 Narcoossee Rd, Orlando, FL 32832, United States
Website http://www.armandosorlando.com/
Contact Details +1 407-233-4741

If you’re looking for the best Italian restaurants in Orlando, FL, Armando’s Lake Nona is a great option. Located just outside of downtown Orlando, this popular eatery offers delicious and fresh Italian cuisine in an inviting atmosphere. The menu features authentic dishes made from locally sourced ingredients and prepared with traditional recipes passed down through generations.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or a family night out, Armando’s has something to please everyone. With options like oven-baked pizzas, homemade pastas, and slow roasted meats, it’s easy to find something that will satisfy your craving for classic Italian flavors. Plus, there are plenty of vegetarian and gluten free items available too!

Armando’s also serves up some amazing desserts – think tiramisu or cannoli – which make the perfect way to end any meal. Enjoy all these delicious offerings while taking in views of beautiful Lake Nona too – what could be better? So if you’re hankering for some delectable Italian fare, head on over to Armando’s Lake Nona today!

What people says:
Armando’s - Lake Nona review 1
Armando’s - Lake Nona review 2
Frequently Asked Questions:

Service is good and food is delicious.


In conclusion, the Italian restaurants in Orlando, Florida offer a wide range of dining experiences. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can find something to suit your needs. Many of these restaurants are family-friendly and provide both vegan and vegetarian options. Additionally, there is an array of outdoor seating available with some locations offering reservations for larger parties. With so many great places to choose from, it’s no wonder why Orlando has been named one of America’s top foodie destinations! Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or just want to grab a bite with friends, there is sure to be an Italian restaurant that meets all of your requirements. So next time you visit the city “The City Beautiful” make sure to check out its best Italian eateries! Bon Appétit!

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